Tackling closet chaos!

Okay... so maybe I'm jumping the gun a little but the reality is that with Labor Day passing the onslaught of holiday stress (along with that lovely crisp air) is right around the corner. We can overwhelm ourselves just thinking about it but instead I'm gonna ask you to take a line from En Vogue-- clear your mind! One way to start that is by clearing the clutter which is why I've recruited the help of former shopaholic turned capsule wardrobe queen Jenn Mapp Bressan. Jenn shared the top places we store closet fat in our homes and explained that by downsizing what we wear we can help our overall well-being! Jenn also has a great story about discovering her "second act" after many successful years at a high profile job in the beauty industry. Her personal journey of leaving a great job and taking a risk to try something new may be the jolt of motivation you've been looking for!


For more from Jenn check out her book Tiny Closet, Tons of Style: The Guide to Transformative Personal Style

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