What makes you happy?

It's such a simple question isn't it. Well how about when it comes to what surrounds you that makes you happy? Are you really maximizing the good stuff in your life by putting it all around you. That's something I talk about with Susan Tynan, the Founder and CEO of Framebridge. A few years back she was so frustrated with how difficult and expensive it was to frame stuff that she loved that she went out and found a cheaper and better way to do it. Her idea and hard work turned into a multi-million dollar business that is shaking things up in the $4 billion dollar framing industry. We wanted to know her tips when it comes to getting your favorite moments off your phone and on to your walls. We also asked her about the best advice she ever got and what was her biggest regret. Even if you don't need anything 'framed' in your life I hope you have a chance to listen to our inspiring interview on this week's episode. So many of us have great ideas, ways that we could make something better. Sometimes it just takes guts and hearing other people's stories to get us motivated to go after the change we know we can make. Thanks for listening!

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