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Dating Apps SUCK!

If you think dating apps are the best way to add romance to your life.. think AGAIN! Lily Womble is a former top matchmaker at the largest firm in the country turned professional dating coach and she’s about to drop some major truth bombs when it comes to finding love in this digital age.

Hear why she says dating apps suck and that they are not the answer to your dating life. She’ll reveal the only two reasons she believes you should use them and share the biggest mistakes to avoid when you do.

Lily agrees these tools can help when it comes to meeting someone new but they also can fuel bad behavior that lead to ultimate burnout. In this episode you’ll find ways to change your mindset to see dating as a way of self-care. Lily will share best practices so you can start using these tools with intention. Oh and how about meeting IN PERSON? She’s got that covered too.

More about Lily Womble:

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