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Keeping Children Safe

Last night was a night I'll hold dear to my heart forever.

I had the honor of hosting the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children's Hope Gala. I've done countless stories on missing children, cold cases and even toured the center in the past but for the first time I got to meet NCMEC's co-founder John Walsh. Walsh and his beautiful wife Reve started the center after the abduction and brutal murder of their 6 year old son Adam in 1981. It was a time when there was NOTHING in place for finding missing children. The Walsh's changed that and now the work this center does includes cracking down on child pornography and sextortion, tracking down pedophiles and of course supporting and providing resources for parents who's child has been abducted or is missing. More to come on last night and the incredible heroes who were honored for their groundbreaking and relentless work to keep our kids safe. But to John, Reve and their son Callahan thank you for never giving up even after the most precious thing was taken from you. You are truly beautiful people and we continue to be inspired by your love, courage, strength and fight. #hopegala #ncmec #missingkids

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