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Filmmaker Dr. Anisha Abraham

From space you see the borders that divide us don’t exist. - One Small Visit

This week on the Oh My Goff Show Dr. Anisha Abraham joins Angie to share a remarkable true story. The story of her family that has become an award winning film. One Small Visit is about an immigrant Indian family who unexpectedly drive through the tiny Midwest hometown of astronaut Neil Armstrong.

It’s 1969, the year of America’s historic moon landing. It’s also a time of transition for the country with the civil rights movement in full swing. During the road trip Abraham’s family ends up on the doorstep of the Armstrong home. It was a small visit that would end up having incredible impact that is still being felt more than 50 years later.

Don’t miss this inspiring story about the power of connection. Join Angie and Dr. Abraham TUESDAY Sept 20th 1:30PM EDT LIVE on Fireside.

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