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My Reading with 'Hollywood Medium' Tyler Henry

Big Show News! The Oh My Goff Show now airs LIVE on Fireside Every Wednesday at 1PM ET. Fireside is the first participatory entertainment platform co-founded by Mark Cuban and Falon Fatemi. It is where the world's greatest creators go to bring the audience into the story through live, interactive, virtual shows. I would love for you to be part of the upcoming show and you can bypass the application process using this VIP Guest Link.

Now about today's show!

Can Tyler Henry really connect with the dead? The 26 year old 'Hollywood Medium' has a waiting list of 300K people who want to find out. Me and FOX5 executive producer Jamie H. were curious too. Tyler recently gave us a reading and it was both surprising and emotional. In this new episode we recap the reading and talk about why many believe mediums bridge the gap between the living and deceased. We'll take audience questions and welcome you to share your own medium experience.

WHERE TO WATCH: If you miss this show or any of our past shows remember you can listen to the replays here , on Youtube or wherever you listen to your favorite shows! Thanks for stopping by!



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