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THIS WEEK: A Day in the life of a Witch

Tune in to our next upcoming show LIVE on Fireside: Day in the Life of a Witch Hosted by Angie Goff with special guest Tahverlee Anglen on Aug 3 • 1pm EDT. You can request access to Fireside in the meantime.

Come awaken YOUR inner witch! As a witchcraft educator, spiritual coach Tahverlee Anglen will tell you authentic witchcraft is not trendy. Tahverlee who considers herself a ‘real-life’ witch will share how she helps others take control of their innate spiritual gifts and strip away societal conditioning. Find out how to use magic to create what you want. Tahverlee will share more on her own transformation and the upcoming Witchfest 2022, the largest event of it’s kind!

Don’t miss it LIVE Wednesday August 3rd 1PM ET.

If you’re interested in being part of the studio audience you’ll need access to Fireside. You’ll be able to be part of the live audience and interact. We can pull you ‘on stage’ too during our Q&A portion of the show.

  1. Use this custom link: VIP AUDIENCE ACCESS

  2. Download the Fireside chat app

  3. Follow the Oh My Goff Show (hit bell icon so you’re notified when we go LIVE)

More on Fireside: Fireside is the next evolution of entertainment. It is where the world's greatest creators go to bring the audience into the story through live, interactive, virtual shows. We can’t wait for you to join us LIVE on Wednesday August 3 at 1PM ET!


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