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YouTube Prank Star and Comedian Jack Vale

Family-friendly comedian and YouTube star Jack Vale’s prank videos have been collectively viewed more than 10 billion times. Jack joins Angie to share his hilarious and inspiring journey of literally ‘farting his way to the top'

of his career. Vale’s success began more than a decade ago when he realized there were plenty of people out there that could still appreciate a good old-fashioned fart joke.

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We’ll talk about the father of five’s YouTube fame, his family-friendly pod and Nash Mash, the first of its kind convention for family-friendly pranksters and influencers!

Will there be pranks? You’ll have to join us LIVE and see. Wednesday August 10th 1PM ET on Fireside .. be there! Request access to Fireside with our custom link: VIP ACCESS

Check out one of Jack's recent pranks here:


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